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Many things about me

July 26, 2010

Edit 2; Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate Big Mac or Whopper: Nothing Coke or Pepsi : Coke Beer or Wine: Both Coffee or Tea: Both Apple Juice or O.J.: O.J Facebook or MySpace: Both Summer or Winter: Summer Windows or Mac: Windows Cats or Dogs: Dogs Boxers or Briefs: Boxers Rain or Shine: Shine Chips or […]

Tan & Protection

July 21, 2010

It’s summer and as we all know, tanned bodies are hotter than the white ones. But, your tan doesn’t need to be a threat for your skin. Following only these 3 tips your skin will remain as good as new ; CARROTS Eating carrots will accelerate the tan. APRICOTS Apricots save the collagen and it […]

Cellulite Escape

July 21, 2010

Yeap! Changing your diet is another escape and the great results are really gonna fix your mood even more ! Just make sure you add these 10 basic ingridients to your diet, and it’ll definitely worth the while ! Celery Leek Green Tea Eggplant Red Fruits Onion Cabbage Pineapple Peppers Parsley Make sure you don’t […]

Care2 Petition Site

July 19, 2010

Can you imagine what it must feel like to be an animal undergoing toxicity experiments in a laboratory? The forced exposure to chemicals can cause terrible pain, nausea, muscle spasms –– even organ failure and death –– all without the benefit of pain relief. It must seem like no one cares about you or even […]

Funny Websites

July 19, 2010

Here are some funny websites, that are worthy of checking out. 1) http://www.clickhere.gr (This is english too, if you choose it before you enter the site) 2) http://www.bofunk.com (Mostly videos) 3) http://failblog.org (Everything that’s really pathetic :-D) More incoming soon


July 10, 2010

Peace maker, lonely but yet open to meet people, lost deep in my world, optimist. I’m just a regular person, with many general questions. So, I’ll be writing about some stuff in here, sharing things with the world. Or simply, You can find more about me at myspace.com/hell_enia.

It’s life. It’ll pass…

July 10, 2010

Some may say, life is a gift. Some may say, you are lucky to be here. To exist… Do we really want to exist? Ever since I remember myself, I can’t think of anything I should be on this planet for. Sounds cruel? Yes… I’m sorry. There is one thing I should be on this […]


July 10, 2010

Have you ever wondered why your life has become a routine you can’t escape? Is it you? Is it the world? Are you searching for ways to live your life again with excitement? 1)Try to spent more time with friends, after work. Call them for dinner at your place. Or spend the afternoon playing some […]