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It’s life. It’ll pass…

Some may say, life is a gift. Some may say, you are lucky to be here. To exist… Do we really want to exist?

Ever since I remember myself, I can’t think of anything I should be on this planet for. Sounds cruel? Yes… I’m sorry. There is one thing I should be on this planet for. Nature. To enjoy the simplicity and rareness of real beauty. To enjoy the silence among the woods. To watch the river flow. To see the sun rise and set. To feel the touch of the grass. To discover “secret passages”.

Other than that, I believe life has no matter whatsoever. I don’t think I’m someone to have opinion about what life is. I don’t knnow what life is. Neither do you. I know though, what a life contains. Misery, agony, pain, fear, health issues, rejection, isolation, backstabbing, loss. I try to figure out a reason. Who would want to watch us suffer…

There are times I think we kind of deserve it though… We destroy our environment and we admit it with comfort and selfishness in our eyes. We make the environment suffer, and we admit it with an ensurance in our minds. You say I try. You don’t. We destroy the world weI live in..  And we do nothing about it. Then, I’m get really upset by people who listen to the world’s end, as if they tried to do something to avoid it. And now talking to the “big guys” of this planet, who gave us unemployement, moral corruption, water and air pollution. Every single day.

Did you know there are some communities that teach kids that is not right, that is not good to play ? Do you know that they make young adult girls get married to old men? This is illegal. Do you know kids are used as slaves etc? What do the “big guys” about it? A big nothing. Why do these people take these kid’s innocence away? Say it, who gives a f*uck? Why do I care? I care because I live in this world. And this world makes me so sick I wanna suffocate myself. I close my eyes and ears, ’cause I can’t stand this. If I only I were rich, I would try to make this world a better place to live in. As much as I could, by any means.

Do you think this is a worth life living? We never asked to exist. We just have to go through this, ’cause there’s no turning back. We just have to try and look the at the brightside of this life. Give love, peace and joy to everyone around us and stop being a bitch about everything. Try to understand people and don’t reject them that easy. Give them a chance to show you their means. Look at the small things that make us shine brightly. And reject the things that give us away. It’s life. And it’ll pass… So don’t let these b*stards take your best self away.


2 Responses to “It’s life. It’ll pass…”

  1. ehm…well…I was born with nothing,living a life I never asked for….so…I might as well spent this given time pleasing myself with every way possible.now you think that 80 years of life are so much time….but exclude the time you spend sleeping and the time you spend doing chors, or working or being on a bus going somewhere…so manny hours and days and years wasted and for what?life is a gift if you chose to see it that way…you can chose to see it as suffering but as someone important said pain in inevitable….suffering is optional…So you can chose not to suffer from all these thoughts and look at the brightside of life. drugs…alchohol and sex…If you ask me i live to make myself rich beautiful and have sex and drugs and stuff whenever i please. sounds lame but its honest

  2. I don’t think drugs make your life happier. Cause then you just enter an illusion. Fake happiness. The real happiness comes from friends, family, chats etc. My beliefe..

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